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Most people think that Locksmiths are the people that let you in when you accidently lock yourself out, and yes they are. We are also the people that will come and make your home safe if you have been burgled, but here at I lock we think we do a lot more than this.

Firstly we are more than happy to survey your home security and advise you on how to make your home that little bit safer. In fact we will knock off the cost of a survey from the cost of any future work.

It is an interesting fact of life that people buy expensive properties; fill them up with expensive items, and items of personal value but have no idea who else has a key to their new home. The neighbours? A relative? A builder? Or is there one hidden away in the front garden, which one day may just reveal itself to an “opportunist?”

This is why we ALWAYS recommend a “new home deserves new locks”. Yes we admit changing your locks is not cheap, especially after you have paid everything out to move in; but compare it to the cost of the items in your home. We all know the loss of one family heirloom can be devastating, so why take the risk?

Here at I lock we will always promise you high quality insurance approved locks at a competitive price, both for your doors and windows. We also have a wide range of security products and door furniture available.

For all quotes or you wish us to survey your property call are office number on 01934 627072 - View Costs

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